Dubai Flower Shops: Starting a Flower Shop Business

Just like any type of business, starting your own flower shop entails that you learn as much as you can about the flower industry especially because among Dubai flower shops, there is already a very stiff competition and becoming successful means not just being able to deliver the flowers that your customers order but also existing for many years and making actual profit–nit just making ends meet.

Natural Talent

You might be thinking about starting your flower shop because you like seeing or arranging flowers. However, that is not the only thing you need. If you decide to run your own flower shop, you have to also ask yourself if you have the natural talent in crafting good designs and creating unique flower arrangements. Why? because being able to create unique designs for your flower bouquets is the one thing that will separate you from other flower shops. You will stand out and customers will notice your flower shop more than any other in your area.

Learn from Experience

If you do have the natural talent when it comes to arranging flowers, then you can think about the second important thing about setting up your flower shop: getting actual experience. It is not enough that you just have the natural talent in creating designs or arrangements for your flowers. You also have to earn those years of experience in actually making bouquets that get bought by customers. In other words, the best way to gain experience for your own flower shop is to become an apprentice first at other flower shops like Mercury Flowers in Dubai. It is best to work at reliable and established shops so that you know you are learning the standard procedures in running a flower shop. You also get to learn from experienced florists if you choose to apprentice or work at bigger and more established flower shops. Once you gain the knowledge that you need, you can apply those to your own flower shop business.


Think About the Risks

Most people become so excited with the idea of opening their own business that most of the time they forget to check reality and consider the risks they might face when opening a business. The same goes for flower shops. Before opening one, you should study the market first in your target area and the habits of the consumers–if they actually have the tendency to buy flowers, the budget to buy custom bouquets, and to even consider giving flowers to others. You should also consider your capital, overhead if you are renting your shop, and employee’s salary for at least a few months to a year’s worth. This is just to make sure that even in those months that you may not sell as many flowers as you have predicted that you still have the funds to pay your staff and run the basic services of your flower shop. There are also many ways to get a loan for your business, have different friends or family help you with the funding, and maybe even use some second-hand tools, equipment or materials so that you can open shop as soon as possible.

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